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Identity Verified

This business has verified its identity and details to Sellix. Verified businesses have gone through an address and document validation phase which confirms their identity and the uniqueness of the merchant.

Low sales in the last 14 days

This metric takes into consideration the quantity of sales this business had in the last 14 days. High and Medium sales mean that the business has been proactively selling goods with at least one order daily.

0 feedback appeal ratio

The feedback appeal ratio takes into consideration the total amount of feedback a merchant has and how many have been appealed (either removed or contested). The appeal ratio has a value between 0.00 and 1, where 0.10 corresponds to 10% of all feedback appealed.

0 feedback score

The feedback score helps customers understand whether or not this business has had positive feedback recently, meaning that every customer purchased a valid good.

PayPal or Credit cards accepted

This merchant accepts payment methods, such as PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards, with consumer protection; meaning that a refund request can be executed when paying through them only if the purchased good is not valid. However, this does not mean that refund requests are available for payment methods like Cash App and Cryptocurrencies as they are not accepted due to their nature.
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Shop Contact F.A.Q Reviews Terms Trusted Advisor